Werewolf Ambulance: A Horror Movie Comedy Podcast
Episode 11- The Babadook (2014)

In this week's episode we discuss the 2014 Australian horror film "The Babadook," which brings us a rare visit to 'Pap-Pap's Compliment Corner' along with discussions of the most dangerous continent, purchasing weaponry on the internet, presidents serving non-consecutive terms in office, insomnia and a few theories on what the Babadook actually is. We want to hear from you: what's your theory? What did you think of this movie? Please post it on our Facebook page, facebook.com/werewolfambulance. 

We also referenced a couple things in this episode that we'd like to give you links for:

The book "The Thing" by Dylan Trigg: http://www.zero-books.net/books/thing 

The documentary about Australian horror cinema can be found here: http://magnetreleasing.com/notquitehollywood/

And last but most certainly not least, a picture of Mortiis from Emperor: http://graphics.ink19.com/issues/june2000/mortiisW.jpeg

Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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