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We're back, EMTs! Thanks for sticking with us through our baby hiatus. What better option to return with than the John Carpenter classic (if Allen says it's a classic, it's a classic, okay??) " In the Mouth of Madness" from 1994? Big thanks to Twitter user boomboompachyderm for suggesting this one. 

Special topics for your consideration include: the chasing and capture of the scare dragon, a certain 90s teen comedy film, Mase, Diddy vs. Biggie (if you aren't on our side with this one, you can stop listening. Just kidding, please don't), a ranking of the John Carpenter oeuvre and perceptions of Sam Neill. 

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Music used in this episode includes: Mase - "Welcome Back" 

"In the Mouth of Madness" theme

Thanks again guys, we love you and are so glad to be back here with you!



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