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Our listener appreciation rock block continues this week with the 2014 Kevin Smith film "Tusk." This one is particularly appropriate because it's about this guy who got suuuuper rich and suuuuper famous through podcasting and-- hey, weird, us too! Special topics for your consideration include: getting schooled by Google, Mac vs. PC, a lesson in the German language from someone who does not speak the German language at all, Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame goddamnit and Rob Zombie vs. Kevin Smith: a friend-off. Thanks to listener adamssbarry (not Adam Sbarro, sorry not sorry) for suggesting this one to us.

Did you miss our other transformation films? (yes, I know this is a stretch.) Check out Episode 60- "An American Werewolf in London," Episode 103- "The Fly" and Episode 148- "The Wolf Man."

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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