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Boy oh boy. In this week's post-holiday haze, we get festively tipsy and discuss one of the worst movies we've ever seen: the 1999 debacle "The Item." This was a listener suggestion from SkyrimRunner and we assume that they hate us. It's free on Youtube... if you dare. Special topics for your consideration include: things for which we are thankful, lots of discussion about 90s culture having nothing to do with this movie, covering topics we have most definitely covered before, pulling no punches about the quality of "The Item" and answering the question on everyone's mind: what's up with Xzibit??

Do you like truly garbage films? The only comparable one I can think of is Episode 156- "Gingerdead Man" so instead, listen to some of our more eccentric films: Episode 25- "The Pit," Episode 35- "Neon Maniacs," Episode 84- "Demons" or Episode 120- "Psychomania." 

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 


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