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AKA Sanguella, AKA The Island of the Living Dead, AKA Zombie Flesh Eaters, AKA Zombie, AKA Zombie The Dead Walk Among Us, AKA Gli Ultimi Zombi, AKA Woodoo, AKA L'Enfer de Zombies, AKA Zombie 2: The Dead Are Among Us and AKA Nightmare Island, this week we're talking about-- you guessed it-- a bananas Italian film. It's the 1979 Lucio Fulci vehicle "Zombi 2" and some special topics for your consideration include: How do boats work? But wait, how do radios work?, exceptionally terrible dubbing, epic eye trauma and a surprising connection to "Purple Rain."

Like Italian horror? Check out the best of our weird Italian films: Episode 41- "The Last Shark (L'ultimo Squalo)," Episode 84- "Demons," Episode 185- "Deep Red" or Episode 215- "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie."

We've got some really exciting stuff to promote this week! First, our sponsor, Squamous Studios-- a design and art studio who create super cool tabletop RPGs, particularly in the horror genre. Their Kickstarter for their newest game, Arkham Relics Hunt, IS LIVE NOW!! Check it out at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/323520698/arkham-relic-hunt

Also, wanna see us live? You can catch us THIS WEEK at Rate/Review/Subscribe/Imbibe on May 7th, 7pm at Spirit in Pittsburgh. We'll be celebrating the first anniversary of our pals, the Ghoul on Ghoul podcast. They are throwing a party with a bunch of rad PGH podcasts to celebrate, plus dancing with DJ MB of In Bed by Ten Dance Party, a local maker raffle, tarot readings, and more!

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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