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In this week's episode, we are thankfully done with the space rock block but are somehow STILL in the 1990s! We're talking about the film "Deep Blue Sea," the 1999 killer shark vehicle picked by the winner of our YouTube sweepstakes, Jermaine Howard. Special topics for your consideration include: shark science explained, a lil bit of poetry, feeling joy at a main character's death, a lovely rousing speech by Samuel L. Jackson, and loving LL Cool J but feeling a bit less comfortable about Thomas Jane. 

Are you into the concept of ocean creatures being murderers? May we recommend Episode 41- "L'Ultimo Squalo (The Last Shark)," Episode 193- "Orca" and Episode 247- "Piranha"? 

We'll be bringing back the video next week to tell you about our upcoming plans for February. 

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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