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In this week's episode, we learned a very important lesson: sometimes Keanu Reeves is just not enough. We're discussing the 2015 Eli Roth erotic (sigh) horror film "Knock Knock." Special topics for your consideration include: a slight limitation in Keanu's acting range, corny middle-aged dads with an eclectic vinyl collection, tossing a fried egg on it, opinions about art, and a joke that finally finds its home. 

We've done one other Eli Roth film-- Episode 179- "Cabin Fever." We've also covered two other arguably erotic (SIGH) horror films-- Episode 286- "Knife + Heart" and Episode 302- "Verotika." Would you rather just do something really fun? How about Episode 247- "Piranha"?

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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