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In this week's episode, we're joined by special guest Eli Bosnick of many podcasts but most relevantly "God Awful Movies" to discuss the 2017 found footage Christian horror film "The Lock In." HOO BOY. Special topics for your consideration include: an honest and heartfelt look at the effects of pornography on our culture and-- no, who am I kidding? This is definitely one of our most NSFW episodes in a long time. Come for the BCA (you'll find out...) and stick around until the end to hear a way in which you can win fabulous prizes!

Turns out the Christian right doesn't have a lot of horror chops. You might enjoy some religiously-themed horror movies that are much, much better: Episode 45- "Rosemary's Baby," Episode 73- "The Witch," Episode 77- "The Omen," Episode 155- "The Exorcist, "Episode 206- "Carrie," Episode 270- "Midsommar" or Episode 327- "The Vigil."

Find Eli on "God Awful Movies," "The Scathing Atheist," "The Skepticrat," "D&D Minus," and "Citation Needed," available wherever you listen to us! 

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast.
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