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In this week's episode, it's a listener pick! We're covering the 1988 'peak John Carpenter' film "They Live." Special topics for your consideration include: how far two fantastic leads can carry a film, the natural conclusion of the Reagan era, rull toothy faces, big ideas that leave some...unanswered questions, and our attempt to determine which actor has appeared in the most WWA movies without actually looking it up or doing any research or anything useful like that.

Interested in other 'peak JC'? Allen would have you believe that also includes Episode 79- "Prince of Darkness." You can also hear us discuss JC's other non-"Halloween" films in Episode 112- "Christine," Episode 129- "The Fog," Episode 142- "In the Mouth of Madness," and Episode 272- "Village of the Damned." We've also covered two of his action movies on our Patreon with "Big Trouble in Little China" and "Escape from New York" and I promise, you will not regret giving us your money with those ones.

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