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In this week's episode, we're concluding our pro wrestling rock block with the (barely) Mick Foley vehicle "12 Hour Shift." Special topics for your consideration include: playing a new WWA game that was created mostly for the use of its name, fancy shoes of the late 90s, a very serious question for morphine drinkers, David Arquette's crime compulsion, the best and most blasphemous places to eat your snack, and a very exciting announcement about our internet presence (www.werewolfambulance.com)!

Pro wrestling is cool. Check out Episode 80- "Predator" (Jesse Ventura), Episode 301- "Halloween" (Skywalker Nitron aka Tyler Mane in the Rob Zombie reimagining), Episode 311- "Girl on the Third Floor" (CM Punk), and Episode 404- "They Live" (Rowdy Roddy Piper).

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