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As 2022 winds to a close, we find ourselves returning to its well yet again with this week's movie, "Deadstream." Special topics for your consideration include: our limited knowledge of physics, the state of Utah, Mormonism, and actually lots of other things, feelings about poetry, brand new exclamations, Sam Elliott's sidepipe, and the fear that arises from seeing yourself in absolutely awful characters. 

Let's do a 2022 rundown (even though we still have a Lohan Christmas movie from this year to get to!) We've kicked off with Episode 370- "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," then Episode 374- "Scream [5?]," Episode 381- "Firestarter," Episode 394- "The Black Phone," Episode 396- "X," Episode 399- "Orphan: First Kill," Episode 402- "Hellraiser," Episode 403- "Barbarian," and Episode 407- "Smile." It was a really fun year for horror and also, knowing about new things makes us feel young(ish) again. 

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