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In this week's episode, we've got the much-anticipated annual romcom episode with the Lindsay Lohan/Chord Overstreet holiday vehicle "Falling for Christmas." Fantastic. Special topics for your consideration include: rich ski people, the utter delight that is Lindsay Lohan, the utterly unbelievable name that is CHord Overstreet, the concept of a 'flapjack daddy,' a few *small teeny tiny* plot holes in this otherwise-perfectly conceived and masterfully written film, and another much-anticipated event: another voicemail from Claudia.

Wanna hear our other romcom episodes? They are Episode 209- "Love Actually," Episode 261- "You've Got Mail," and Episode 361- "Miss Congeniality," but we also once went absolutely insane while in lockdown and spent the better part of three hours over two episodes discussing "Titanic." Those were Bonus Episodes #3 & 4 in April and May of 2020. What a time to have been alive.

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