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In this week's episode, we're headed back to the weird and wonderful world of Charles Band with the 1994 film "Shrunken Heads." Special topics for your consideration include: adult teens, a lesson in Haitian history, Meg Foster in the role of a lifetime, inappropriate jauntiness, nepotism babies, and condominiums,

Charles Band is a nutbar and I love him (almost all the time). Here are some movies he's had his hands in: Episode 156- "Gingerdead Man," Episode 164- "Puppet Master," Episode 165- "Puppet Master 2," Episode 171- "Ghoulies," Episode 186- "Tourist Trap," Episode 199- "Terrorvision (the live show!)" and Episode 354- "Dolls," a movie I completely forgot existed until I started this write-up and now I am delighted all over again.

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