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Look, I know that I have said it so often on this show that it has lost all meaning (did it ever have meaning?) but this week, it's a spi-cy meeeat-a-baaaaall! Holy ghost, literally. We are tackling the 2023 Russell-Crowe-as-an-Italian film "The Pope's Exorcist." Special topics for your consideration include: Crappy teens, possessed kids who just aren't Regan (can they even tap dance?!), Italian doctors living and working in Spain, the absolution of all the Catholic Church's sins, an extremely sexy pope, and a reminder that in most international settings, Americans are the worst.

Exorcisms are a mainstay in horror, and horror is a mainstay in us. Check out Episode 90- "Amityville II: The Possession," Episode 155- "The Exorcist," Episode 216- "The Devil Inside Her" in which there is an exorcism of an extremely strong baby, my god what a fantastic film, and Episode 367- "The Last Exorcism." 

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