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In this week's episode, we're discussing a brand-new film that has had the internet abuzz-- 2024's "Late Night with the Devil." Special topics for your consideration include: Katie's great new ideas for a one woman show along with some new employment opportunities, Allen dropping knowledge on ye olde television shows, loosely factual historical nonsense, and a demon whose name might be a demon and miiiight be a medication for lactose intolerance. 

Do you like modern horror movies that are set in the 1970s (I know, kind of grasping at straws here because this movie is fairly dissimilar to most of the other ones we've covered)? You may enjoy Episode 96- "The Conjuring," Episode 175- "House of 1000 Corpses," Episode 268- "The Love Witch," Episode 282- "The Amityville Horror" (Ryan Reynolds version), Episode 286- "Knife + Heart," Episode 394- "Black Phone," and Episode 396- "X."

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