Werewolf Ambulance: A Horror Movie Comedy Podcast
Episode 92- Dead Snow (2009)

Hi EMTs, denne uken vi diskuterer en film om nazi-zombier! That means "this week we are discussing a movie about Nazi zombies" in Norwegian, or at least Google says it does. Anyway-- Norwegians, Nazis, zombies--that can mean only one thing: the 2009 film "Dead Snow." Special topics for your consideration include: whether or not European dudes are better than American dudes (spoiler alert: not really), fish mugging, being bummed if Hitler shows up, whether the ugly one ruined the Backstreet Boys and, in what is possibly our most tangent-laden episode to date, our hot takes on swimming in lakes, riding snowmobiles, pooping outdoors, being anywhere near snow, and more. 

Hey, we also use this episode as an excuse to celebrate a milestone that you guys helped us achieve so: 1) thank you so, so much for your continued support and 2) sorry in advance that I (Katie) get a little drunk and yell-y in this one. 

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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