Werewolf Ambulance: A Horror Movie Comedy Podcast
Episode 69- Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

What would you do if you had all the money you could ever dream of? If you answered "build an insane and impractical house made entirely of glass and then capture ghosts that represent the Black Zodiac and store them in the basement of said house," then boy, do we have a movie for you! This week we're finding as many things to discuss as possible that are not our movie of the week, the 2001 supernatural horror film "Thir13en Ghosts." Special topics for your consideration include: the undeniable acting chops of Antonio from "Wings" (the ever-delightful Tony Shaloub), our reluctance to do research for any reason, not really caring about your kids, a treatise in defense of Matthew Lillard, not even being able to smile convincingly, and we are also introducing a new and surprising sponsor to this week's show!

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Have you seen this movie? Are you angry we made you watch it? Good, then welcome to your own personal Year of Rage! We're glad we can provide you with the material you need. Let us know your thoughts at facebook.com/werewolfambulance, on Instagram @werewolfambulance or on Twitter @werebulance. We love to hear from you.

Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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