Werewolf Ambulance: A Horror Movie Comedy Podcast
Episode 81- Saw (2004)

Well, we had to do it sometime. In this week's episode we're discussing the 2004 granddaddy of grisly 'what would you do?' movies, "Saw." Special topics for you to consider include: several people who are wonderful but specifically Danny Glover and reggae fusion artist Shaggy, terrible parenting, possible career paths that Jigsaw could have explored, bad accents, whether or not "Saw" is actually just kind of a bunko "Se7en," things that could have gone wrong that would have foiled this entire film's plot and the return of "Mailbag!"

What are your thoughts on "Saw"? Did you like it? Did you like any of the sequels? Are you secretly (or not-so-secretly) a huge fan of yuck-out torture horror? Let us know at facebook.com/werewolfambulance, on Twitter @werebulance or on Instagram @werewolfambulance. You can also email us at werewolfambulance@gmail.com and maybe you'll hear your message on a future edition of "Mailbag!"

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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