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In this week's episode, we go all in on the 2018 remake of "Suspiria." We probably ought to warn you right here at the top, we reaaaally did not like it. Really. Special topics for your consideration include: too many plots (not enough resolution), auditioning to be a Cenobite, whether Radiohead is just Tool for non-Tool fans, a surprising amount of 'Jersey Shore' knowledge and "Peter Pan" explained to varying degrees of accuracy.

Did you miss our episode on the original "Suspiria"?  It's Episode 23. How about our episodes on remakes? You could do worse than Episode 50- "The Blob," Episode 85- "House on Haunted Hill," or one of our personal favorite episodes, Episode 108- "The Wicker Man."

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 


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