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In this week's episode, the third in our ~*~month of love~*~, we're discussing the 2016 film "The Love Witch." Special topics for your consideration include: a lot of discussion about the messages of this film, questioning the possibility of satire, the raw deal that Trish got, having friends in the Ren Faire: a relationship deal breaker?, the exhaustion that must come along with being in a coven and some horse-based fundraising ideas. 

Into witches? Check out our other episodes on witchy films: Episode 15- "The Blair Witch Project," Episode 23- "Suspiria (the original)," Episode 33- "The Craft," Episode 73- "The Witch," Episode 232- "Suspiria (the new one)," Episode 234- "The Woods" and Episode 252- "Hocus Pocus." Man, witches are dope, we sure do talk about witches a lot!

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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