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In this week's episode, EPISODE THREE HUNDRED, can you even believe it?, we are discussing the obvious choice for one's tricentennial: the 2007 film "300." No, it's not a horror movie. Yes, it's a gimmicky choice. No, those abs aren't real. Other special topics for your consideration include: stabbing, a startling lack of planning by the God King and also by the regular King, building a giant pit to nowhere, more stabbing and a hearty reminder to tell your loved ones that they are your loved ones.

Hey guys, thanks for being with us through 300 episodes and here's to 300 more. We love you.

Gerard Butler has been in a surprising number of horror movies and we've done exactly zero of them, though I was absolutely convinced he was the lead in "Midnight Meat Train." Turns out that's Bradley Cooper?! Whatever. You can listen to it anyway, it's Episode 150, which is exactly one half our podcast ago!  

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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