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Listen buddies, I am like 99% sure we made it through this episode without morosely singing "happy holidaaaaaays" even ONCE. I might be wrong about that though; regardless, we tried. For this year's holiday spectacular, we're discussing the 2019 remake "Black Christmas." Special topics for your consideration include: POOTS! Great cat names! Not borrowing your friend's DivaCup! Starting a cult! Ben Shapiro! We're all over the place, it's the holidays.

This is our SEVENTH holiday episode, holy ghost. Here are the first six:
2014: Episode 9- "Silent Night, Deadly Night"
2015: Episode 61- "Krampus"
2016: Episode 113- "Black Christmas" (Bonus: Episode 114- "Gremlins"!)
2017- Episode 156- "Gingerdead Man"
2018- Episode 208- "Better Watch Out"
2019- Episode 260- "Rare Exports"

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 


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