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In this week's episode, we increase Paris Hilton's appearances on Werewolf Ambulance by 100%-- no, it's not "The Hottie and the Nottie," though honestly I kinda wish it was-- it's 2002's "Nine Lives." It's bad, and it's not even really Paris's fault. Is it about cats? It is not. Special topics for your consideration include: a spot-on portrayal of an American and a spot-off portrayal of actual snow, a deeply terrible explanation of existentialism, being the "most likely to murder" friend, our fundamental lack of understanding around the metric system and Tim? Tom? No, it's Tim.

Want to see more Paris in your life? Probably not but Episode 118- "House of Wax" also has Jared Padalecki, so there's that. You could also get a little Scottish with Episode 116- "The Descent," Episode 187- "Dog Soldiers" and Episode 271- "The Wicker Man." And, screw it, the Nic Cage "The Wicker Man" remake is one of our all-time favorite episodes-- it's number 108.

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast.


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