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*dj air horn* It's our 350th episode! We actually didn't realize until...well, right now. But that's okay, because we think it's a pretty good one. This episode represents our return to the Wan-iverse with James Wan's newest film, "Malignant." Special topics for your consideration include: some more life advice from your friends who know nothing-- including some on both hypnotherapy and falling down, a little bit of DMB talk (please don't come at us DMB fans, it's fine, we're sorry), Five Inch Nails, some real "Paranormal Activity"-level spooky kid stuff, and a slander being righted in the most delightful way (stick around to the end for that one).

The Wan-iverse is vast and we've really disliked most of it. Find out more with Episode 81- "Saw," Episode 96- "The Conjuring," Episode 303- "Insidious" and Episode 333- "The Conjuring 2." I was also 90% sure we'd done "The Nun" but the records beg to differ and they are probably right, so. 

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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