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In this week's episode, we're divided by a movie yet again! We're discussing the 2002 video-game-to-horror-movie adaptation "Resident Evil" over a couple of drinky drinks (we're still recording remotely; the world is dumb). Special topics for your consideration include: a rare non-Savini-based Pittsburgh celebrity tale, the best and worst of action movie subgenres, servers and computer stuff, feelings about Michele Rodriguez, and a sincere request to have some patience with those around you unless those around you are, say, this film.

We have covered shockingly few video game films! In fact, the only one may have been Episode 111- "Silent Hill," though while Googling it I learned about the film "Alone in the Dark" which apparently stars Christian Slater as a paranormal researcher and TARA REID AS AN ARCHAEOLOGIST (a phrase that must be typed in all caps) and now I really want to watch that.

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast.
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