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In this week's episode, we couldn't bring ourselves to watch the old "Firestarter" after the new one was so butt, so we decided to watch...well, something else that's a little bit butt. And a little bit not butt! It's the third entry into the "Final Destination" franchise and if you're wondering if we've covered the second one, the answer is no, of course not. Special topics for your consideration include: the return of elderly teenagers, tanning technology that is absolutely baffling, various facts about various presidents, conspiracy theories, and the fact that death has gotta learn to work smarter, not harder. C'mon fuckin guy.

Want more of the "Final Destination" franchise? We covered the original in Episode 99. More Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Catch her in Episode 303- "Deathproof." Also this movie felt very much like it should have starred Seth Green and it decidedly did not, so go revisit his horror oeuvre in Episode 61- "Krampus," Episode 97- "IT" (the miniseries), and Episode 316- "Idle Hands" and then treat yourself to his finest role in Episode 269- "Can't Hardly Wait."

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast.
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