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In this week's episode, we found ourselves having one of the most deeply divided reactions to a film in a very long time. The film in question is the second entry of a franchise in which, shockingly, we have also covered the first and NONE of the subsequent movies out of order: it's 2014's "The Purge: Anarchy." Special topics for your consideration include: the concept of a libertarian fantasy world, the lack of more stupid crimes, terrible code names, QB!, income taxes, trying to make a dumb idea sound smart, and the official treat of summer! 

We covered the first "Purge" film back in Episode 109. If you're into home invasion films, maybe you'd also like  Episode 40- "You're Next," Episode 86- "Hush," Episode 243- "The Strangers," or Episode 315- "Knock Knock." 

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