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Dudes, it's 420! We're celebrating by hanging with our friend Perry and discussing his pick, the 2018 sci-fi horror film "Annihilation." In the grand tradition of Werewolf Ambulance, though, it was not quite the movie he remembered. This is what they get for not letting me watch "Bong of the Dead," seriously! Special topics for your consideration include: wondering whether this movie is a metaphor for drugs or just sadness, exhaustion as a character choice, dealing with the consequences of not knowing a thing, and of course, weed.

420 baby! Thanks for sticking with us though so many ridiculous episodes-- we are truly grateful for all of yinz. We're going to be off next week for a lil break, but you can catch us TOMORROW as special guests on the God Awful Movies podcast (Episode 395- "The Exorcist 2: The Heretic.")

The only other thing I want to hype this week is Perry! Catch him on Episode 55- "Silence of the Lambs" and all of his stunning art on Instagram @smoking_joe_studio or on his website http://www.smokingjoestudio.com 

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