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Just a quick note, we apologize for some minor sound issues in this episode. We've got a faulty mic cable and didnt realize it until we began editing. 

In this week's episode, we're discussing an anthology for the first time in awhile! It's the oft-requested 2012 film "V/H/S." Special topics for your consideration include: a whole slew of brand new advertisers who are absolutely not giving us their money to discuss their product, one of us sharing way too much personal grooming information (see the previous item in this list), a bunch of directors that we really like, calling your partner by a pet name in a disgruntled way, and the pleasure of watching shitty dudes get their comeuppance. 

We goddamn love an anthology: Episode 21- "Creepshow," Episode 61- "Trick r Treat," Episode 102- "Holidays," Episode 132- "Tales from the Darkside," Episode 178- "Twilight Zone: The Movie," Episode 249- "Creepshow 2," Episode 302- "Verotika," and Episode 368- "Tales from the Hood." 

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