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Hey folks, just a few audio issues in this one (we record two episodes at once-- did you know this? It's a very well-kept secret) but all future episodes should be good to go. 437 episodes in, a mic cable gets worn out, ya see?

In this week's episode, we're discussing the 2022 religious horror film "The Offering" in which we try to be as respectful as we can about other folks' cultures while being devoutly anti-religion ourselves and also, pretty curious as to how much Yiddish one can adopt into their day-to-day. Other topics for your consideration include: unacceptable ways to sleep, that guy I like from British crime dramas, what all GenX-ers and Millenials really want, what happens when a film veers towards the Wan-iverse but rights the ship with a goddamn goatman, and perhaps the perfect end to an episode.

Interested in Jewish horror? You might enjoy Episode 327- "The Vigil." Interested in that guy I like from British crime dramas? He was in "Anna and the Apocalypse," Episode 409 and I know, I know, his name is Paul Kaye but he'll always be that guy for me.

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