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Listen, EMTs. There's a thing that happens to us towards the end of the year that makes us feel like we are on some kind of vacation though we are very aware that we're not. Regardless, we're acting like it this week with the brand new Blumhouse production "Five Nights at Freddy's" and as a result, you're getting a variety of digressions: baseball players of yesteryear, fast food restaurants of yesteryear, cell phones of yesteryear, sleepytime drinks of yesteryear, and, you know, talking about this movie. 

Wanna hear some other Blumhouse episodes? Just this year we've had Episode 421- "M3gan" on our own feed and "The Exorcist: Believer" which you can hear over on the God Awful Movies feed. We've also loved a number of other Blumhouse films, such as Episode 124- "Get Out," Episode 293- "Happy Death Day," and Episode 322- "Freaky."

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