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In this week's episode, chosen by our top tier PatrĂ³ns, we're thinking, "didn't we just talk about this movie?" But we didn't! It's the 2021 Nic Cage film "Willy's Wonderland" and NOT a "Twilight" movie because our PatrĂ³ns, lovely as they are, are COWARDS. Special topics for your consideration include: the return of teens who cannot act their way out of a paper bag, a brand new game, the motivations of Nic Cage, new Call of Cthulhu character names, and so many video games! 

You a big Nic Cage fan? OF COURSE YOU ARE. You can catch him in Episode 74- "Pay the Ghost," Episode 108- "The Wicker Man," Episode 240- "Mandy, Episode 438- "Renfield,"" and if you search for "Vacation Episode" in our library, you'll find "Face/Off," which was a Patreon episode that made it into the main feed (April 2021).

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