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In this week's episode, we are washing the taste of "A Castle for Christmas" from our mouths with something that honestly *might* be worse: the 2014 entry into the "Conjuring" universe, "Annabelle." Jesus. Special topics for your consideration include: hanging onto an American accent for everything you're worth, meeting a demon's cousin, some super subtle thoughts about Ed & Lorraine Warren, bits of every single other horror movie ever made, being a ghostbuster, and sacrifices or something.

James Wan, COME ON. You can hear us discuss his work our episodes on "The Conjuring" series: Episode 96 (the OG) and Episode 33 (the sequel). And for good measure, why don't you also listen to Episode 303- "Insidious" because I am half-sure they are all the same movie. And if you're really into some Wan stuff, you can listen to Episode 418- "The Nun."

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