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In this week's episode, voted on by our PatrĂ³ns, we watched the 2023 horror-comedy "Slotherhouse." Special topics for your consideration include: two middle-aged people who just don't get the kids these days, facts(ish) about some animals, questions about Greek life, a tale of a future Hall of Famer who definitely fucks (allegedly), and an absolute delight of a Mailbag!

Do you like horror movies where an animal is the bad guy? Allow us to recommend Episode 37- "Zombeavers," Episode 41- "The Last Shark (L'ultimo Squalo)," Episode 137- "Monkey Shines," Episode 152- "Anaconda," Episode 168- "Arachnophobia," Episode 193- "Orca," Episode 214- "Congo," Episode 218- "Cujo," Episode 238- "Frogs," Episode 247- "Piranha," Episode 248- "Grizzly," Episode 289- "Crawl," Episode 447- "Cocaine Bear," and I'm certain I have missed a few in there. Animals can be such assholes sometimes.

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