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In this week's episode, Katie 'celebrates' a milestone birthday with a gift for Allen: the 1980 Dario Argento film "Inferno." It's pretty much exactly what you might expect. Special topics for your consideration include: bakery smells, really enjoying just getting into a weird hole, refusing to move a camera, Great Depression beds, and late night hot dogs. 

LISTENER WARNING: there is some real gross animal cruelty in this movie, so please don't watch it if you won't be able to un-see it. 

DARIO! What a nutbar. We have been celebrating his catalog for years:  Episode 23- "Suspiria," Episode 84- "Demons," Episode 185- "Deep Red," Episode 306- "Tenebrae," Episode 325- "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage," Episode 369- "Phenomena," and Episode 445- "Opera."

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