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In this week's edition of "look Ma, I'm outside!" we are back on the porch for the 2017 nazi jagoff horror thriller "Green Room." Special topics for your consideration include: loving Patrick Stewart whether or not he's trying on a southern accent, extremely well-placed gore, a cavalcade of punk rock memories, and dogs: inherently frightening but also owners of cute wiggly lil butts.  

Into seeing Nazis get what they have coming to them? You might enjoy Episode 92- "Dead Snow." Also I am like 90% sure that Episode 164- "Puppet Master" had *something* to do with Nazis but honestly can't be bothered to look up what it was. 

Hey, we have a subreddit! We're embracing it! Join us, or at least Katie (Allen's eyes don't work when it comes to Reddit) at r/werewolfambulance.

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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