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In this week's Baby-Break episode are some clips from guest episodes we've done, specifically our friends Jason Mckittrick who brought us Alien, Justin Gray who brought us Predator and Amanda who brought us the cult classic The Pit! We highlight the depth and breadth of knowledge these folks bring and we also highlight just how ridiculous these conversations can get. We hope you've been enjoying these baby break episodes and we should have news shortly about our return! Please keep sending recommendations and all of your kind messages. They mean the world. And be sure to check out Jason's work at cryptocurium.com where you can subscribe to The Parcel of Terror and join the Order of the Thinned Veil and check out Justin's work at burn.to.build.com. As always you are all the best. Rest in Peace Tobe Hopper. 

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This week for our Baby Break episode we're diving back into 3 older episodes, The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity and Queen of the Damned. There's jokes a plenty, some wonderful singing and much nonsense to be had! Thanks so much for checking out these special episodes and we hope they tide you over until our, surely triumphant, return to regular episodes. Keep your suggestions coming in and keep on telling your friends about us. You are all the best! 


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