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It's an EMT pick this week, EMTs! We're discussing the 1989 grocery store-based horror film "Intruder." Special topics for your consideration include: an exciting Estevez development, sick reggaeton beats, our hopes for the geopolitical future of North America (c'mon Canada, we're waiting for you!), being the surprising nephew of a famous writer, and the lamentable position of being just smart enough to not be stupid-- it's rough.

Want more from the Raimi brothers? Check out Episode 70- "30 Days of Night," Episode 150- "Midnight Meat Train," Episode 229- "Army of Darkness," and Episode 280- "The Evil Dead." I was also absolutely sure that we'd covered "Maniac Cop" at some point but the internet tells me I'm wrong so...maybe some other sweet day!

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast.
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