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In this week's episode here in the heart of spooky season, we're discussing the brand new prequel to a film we reviewed just a few weeks ago: it's the 2022 film "Orphan: First Kill" and hoo boy, were we flummoxed! Special topics for your consideration include: a surprising celebrity sibling, being super ready to hate a movie knowing absolutely nothing about it, an in-depth analysis of fencing by two people who, again, know absolutely nothing about it, and a phone call from a kind listener who sheds more light on the real orphan story that has unfolded over the last few weeks, so please stick around to hear that. 

Did you miss our conversation about "Orphan" recently? It was Episode 395. I know Julia Stiles has been in a handful of horror movies but we haven't done any others. She did star in a remake of "The Omen" and we covered the original, so maybe go listen to that? It's Episode 77 and I know it's a stretch, sorry.

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