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In this week's episode, we're discussing the movie that everyone is talking about-- or at least, everyone was talking about a few weeks ago? Frankly that is a pretty quick turnaround for old folks like us. Regardless, it's the 2022 film "Barbarian." WE ARE SPOILING THIS MOVIE, ONLY LISTEN TO THE EPISODE IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT OR NEVER CARE TO SEE IT! Special topics for your consideration include: the delicate balance of creepy/hot, a not-very-flattering image of a region, weird house dreams, the vibe of Justin Long, the evergreen horror trope of useless cops, and the level to which we have desensitized ourselves to disturbing imagery. Whoops.

You can get more Justin Long (if that was a thing you ever wanted) in Episode 181- "Tusk." You can get more Bill SkarsgÄrd in the "It" series, Episodes 351 & 352. We've not seen Georgina Campbell in anything else, but here's to hoping we do!

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