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It's real! Vagina dentataaaa!

This week we are taking a very serious look at the very serious problem of having teeth in your vagina with the 2007 black comedy horror film "Teeth." Special topics for your consideration include: the surprising things that do and do not make us squeamish, "Brads we have known, the theory of evolution, lessons on sacramental wine and the shock of horror movie teens actually doing what they are supposed to do.

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Like to hear us talk about weird sex stuff? Ew, of  course you do, you're a pervert. If so, there is only one episode you need to hear: Episode 51 - "Hellraiser." Get it and all our old episodes at werewolfambulance.libsyn.com, on iTunes or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. 

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Werewolf Ambulance is a Horror Movie Comedy Podcast.

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