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You know what they say about being in a hole? When you find yourself there, keep digging until you find another hole with worse acting and less plausible storylines. And that's what we did. Following up on last week's foray into the weird later additions to the "Halloween" franchise, we're talking about the 2002 film "Halloween: Resurrection." Special topics for your consideration include: the academic and romantic careers of a bunko Jon Snow, destroying the world vis a vis Daylight Savings Time, criminally under-using Tyra Banks, whether ad-libbing qualifies as Dangertainment and parsing reality television.

We haven't talked about many reality show-based horror movies (sidenote: are there any good reality show-based horror movies? Let us know!) so I guess just listen to some of my favorites: Episode 104- "I Know Who Killed Me," Episode 108- "The Wicker Man" (remake) and just for fun, Episode 6- "Alucarda."


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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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