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In this week's episode, we're here to just roll around in an absolutely bananas Italian film, the 1974 supernatural (?) horror movie "Beyond the Door." Holy ghost. Special topics for your consideration include: pea soup straight from the can, distracting leg/head ratios, extremely funky songs, a feeling of genuine pity for child actors, and what would happen if you heard about the plot of "The Exorcist" then confused it with another movie you read about called "Rosemary's Baby" and immediately turned it into a script. Oh and by the way, we changed the name of this podcast to "Boat Homes" so we hope you like that.

Do you enjoy absolutely insane Italian horror films? May we recommend Episode 41- "L'Ultimo Squalo (The Last Shark)" or really anything Fulci made (Episode 72- "The Beyond," Episode 227- "Zombi 2" and Episode 281- "City of the Living Dead")? 

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Intro song is by Alex Van Luvie
Outro song is A. Wallis- "EMT"
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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 



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