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In this week's episode, we're taking a break from the new and popular films of peak spooky season and discussing a piece of work that just stinks of our old friend Charles Band- the 1987 film "Dolls." Special topics for your consideration include: questionable parenting choices, the perks of being a manchild, a celebration of a different film that truly never stops amazing us, movie punks, nip slips, child support, tiny knives and an extremely prescient dream.

I know Stuart Gordon directed this film but frankly I like Charles Band better, so let's talk about movies that he's had a hand in: Episode 156- "Gingerdead Man," Episode 164- "Puppet Master," Episode 165- "Puppet Master 2," Episode 171- "Ghoulies," Episode 186- "Tourist Trap," and Episode 199- "Terrorvision." Somehow we have never tackled an "Evil Bong" film so uh...stay tuned for that, I guess??

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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