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In this week's episode, we're wrapping up college month with the 1990 semi-collegiate, semi-horror film "Flatliners." Yowza. Special topics for your consideration include: a trip around the Baldwin family tree, the not-so-ethnic Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts' hair (of course), a look into Pirates' baseball history, and possibly the greatest version of "in a world of <X>, be a <Y>" that we've ever come up with.

Want more Kiefer Sutherland? You'll need Episode 136- "The Lost Boys." Want to see his dad's butt? That'd be Episode 47- "Don't Look Now" and I'm sorry but I can't pass up a chance to recommend looking at Donald Sutherland's butt. Looking more for some Kevin Bacon? Check out Episode 184- "Tremors" and perhaps more importantly, in one of the finest death scenes of all time, Episode 141- "Friday the 13th." Fantastic work by your neighbor and mine but mostly mine, Tom Savini.

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