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In this week's episode, we're hanging out in one of our favorite genres: weird Italian shit of the 1970s! We've got the 1979 alien/jesus/horror cult classic "The Visitor." Also, someone call the authorities because somehow Allen has sold me on the aforementioned weird Italian shit and made me love it.

Special topics for your consideration include: the most beautiful blonde Jesus, ropey toes, Spaghetti House, fantastic Southern accents, pizzeria incidents, buying a child a raptor, and green screens for daaaays.

You wanna see more Franco Nero? You may like him as the sexiest Pope in Episode 444- "The Pope's Exorcist" AND THERE'S GONNA BE THREE MORE, HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU POPE FRANCO NERO. You like these weird Italians pretending to not be weird Italian? You'd probably like another movie by these weirdos, Episode 308- "Beyond the Door."

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