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With the upcoming release of the new "Child's Play" film (boo?) and the fact that we've already discussed the sequel, "Child's Play 2" (yay!!), we decided it was high time we talked about the original-- 1988's "Child's Play." Special topics for your consideration include: Chris Sarandon's sweater game and his perpetual hunkiness, surprisingly bleak films featuring children, first time viewings of a genre classic, Andy Barclay's criminal cuteness and a listener question that downright stumps us.

Want more "Child's Play"? Of course you do! Listen to Episode 28 for the sequel. Want more Chris Sarandon? OF COURSE YOU FUCKING DO. Catch him in Episode 22- "Fright Night" and Episode 146- "The Sentinel" (also recommended last week for the Jeff Goldblum connection!)

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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