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In this week's episode, the finale of our ~*~month of love~*~, we're deviating a bit from our usual horror to talk about one of Katie's all-time favorite movies: the 1998 teen romp "Can't Hardly Wait." Special topics for your consideration include: having dirty thoughts that one need not be ashamed of, a perfect time capsule of the late 1990s, an absolute celebration of giant pants, a cavalcade of actors you recognize and the excellency of The Replacements always and forever. 

Can't hardly wait to see more of Jennifer Love Hewitt's work? Check out Episode 8- "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Seth Green? Try Episode 61- "Krampus" and Episode 97- "IT." Clea Duvall? You can't go wrong with Episode 87- "The Faculty." Sorry, no other Facinellis.

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Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. 

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